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Who We Are

TBS Tax Services is a small local business that has been on the market for over 10 years, striving to help everyone in the community who face trouble with the IRS and other forms of accounting difficulty. We have a dedicated and highly experienced team of professionals located across our 3 Massachusetts locations who are ready to give their time to helping you. Being a small business ourselves, we aim to not only helping individuals, but businesses both big and small, as well. We pride ourselves in having a very diverse client base, with customers coming from every corner of the world seeking our assistance with their accounting headaches that they might have, so don’t be shy to contact us with any questions about our services or more about who we are!


Our mission is simple: to make tax easy for you. We understand that tax is hard and a major headache for anyone, but that’s why we are here. Each year we work to modernize our systems for ease when attending our customers because that’s what important to us. We work to always stay updated on any changes and laws introduced by our government, so when it comes time to do your taxes, our staff is educated and ready to answer any questions you may have for us. Talk to any of our experts today and you will be attended to with the highest professionalism and courtesy!

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Why Us?

We are dedicated to helping people resolve tax problems with the IRS and general accounting services. Our goal is to help you become free of future tax liabilities or problems of personal or business accounts.


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