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At TBS Tax Services, we are dedicated to helping people solve their tax problems with the IRS and other financial services. More than 2 million Americans each year are faced with unpaid tax obligations. The IRS and most states have a complex code that makes the negotiation and resolution sometimes very difficult.

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We are dedicated to helping people resolve tax problems with the IRS and general accounting services. Our goal is to help you become free of future tax liabilities or problems of personal or business accounts.

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From the first moment we were very pleased with the services provided by TBS Tax Services. The staff has always been quick to solve problems, clear the issued and helpful information in attendance.

Marcio Bassetto - Stoughton, MA

TBS Tax Services is to be congratulated for their services, all our needs in accounting and advisory services are remedied, and always has a great staff on hand to meet us. Many thanks James!

Thanks to TBS Tax Services for the professionalism with which you have served in these years, always with seriousness, competence, sympathy. We congratulate the relevant work being done.

Sergio Oliveira - Stoughton, MA

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