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Navigating the complexities of personal taxes can be overwhelming, especially with ever-changing tax laws and regulations. At TBS Tax Services, we offer comprehensive Personal Taxes services to help individuals manage their tax obligations efficiently and effectively.

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Whether you are looking for a local small business accountant, tax accountant, or tax planning expert, TBS Tax Services is the trusted Eastern Massachusetts certified public accounting firm. With 2 offices in Hyannis and Stoughton, TBS Tax Services is not your typical by-the-numbers accounting firm—we are personal and professional, making your taxes simple, even if they are complicated.

What sets TBS Tax Services apart is our ability to build personal relationships with clients and tailor communications to your needs while providing income tax preparation and corporate tax planning. Our team does more than crunch numbers and offer valuable tax compliance expertise— we put personality into the CPA profession. Our growing team of compassionate, professional accounting assistants go the extra mile to provide the highest quality of tax preparation and tax advice, while effectively communicating throughout your work together to ensure that you feel informed and empowered to make the best tax, estate, succession planning, and trust decisions for you and your business.

Helpful Tips: Principles of Income Tax

The “tax net” refers to the types of payment that are taxed, which included personal earnings (wages), capital gains, and business income. The rates for different types of income may vary and some may not be taxed at all. Capital gains may be taxed when realized (e.g. when shares are sold) or when incurred (e.g. when shares appreciate in value). Business income may only be taxed if it is significant or based on the manner in which it is paid. Some types of income, such as interest on bank savings, may be considered as personal earnings (similar to wages) or as a realized property gain (similar to selling shares). In some tax systems, personal earnings may be strictly defined where labor, skill, or investment is required (e.g. wages); in others, they may be defined broadly to include windfalls (e.g. gambling wins).

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