Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we commonly encounter with individual tax clients.



1. Where’s my tax refund?

Check where is your Massachusetts Tax Refund here.
Check where is your Federal Tax Refund here.

2. If I claim the standard deduction, can I deduct charitable donations?

No. You can only claim charitable donations by itemizing your deductions.

3. How do I notify the IRS my address has changed?

Use Form 8822 (.pdf), Change of Address or Form 8822-B (.pdf), Change of Address or Responsible Party – Business.

4. Is there an age limit on claiming my child as a dependent?

To claim your child as your dependent, your child must meet the qualifying child test or the qualifying relative test.

5. What is a split refund?
A split refund lets you divide your refund, in any proportion you want, and direct deposit the funds into up to three different accounts with U.S. financial institutions. Use Form 8888 (.pdf), Allocation of Refund, to request to have your refund split.
6. When is the tax day deadline?

You have until April 15 of the next year to file your state and federal taxes for the current year.

7. How to find the 1095A form?

The IRS rejected your tax due to the 1095A form?

Form 1095-A provides information on the amount of advanced premium tax credit that was paid during the year towards your health plan to reduce your monthly amount paid and now these amounts need to be reported to the IRS.

This form can be under your name, your spouse’s name or even under your parents’ name.
You need to call the HealthConnector and ask them to send you the form. (877) 623-6765 or you can try to get it online which is faster. For instructions go to

8. How to Pay my Personal Federal or State Taxes?

For instructions of how to pay your taxes online or by check, please download our PDF tutorial online.

Portuguese: [Download PDF]
English: [Download PDF]
Spanish: [Download PDF]


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